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CTI IT Infrastructure Summit 2016, Digitizing Your Business to Discover New Market Opprotunities

The third CTI IT Infrastructure Summit was conducted by CTI Group on March 3, 2016 at Ritz Carlton Hotel Pacific Place, South Jakarta. The most comprehensive seminar and exhibition gathered nearly 1,000 attendees from across Indonesia, consisting of professionals from cross industries, mostly from finance, manufacturing, banking, media as well as policy makers, researchers, and academics. The theme for 2016 was “Digital Transformation: Digitizing Your Business to Discover New Market Opportunities”, discussing the potential of digital business, including its technology platform, approach and adoption, to provide guidance and reference for cross industries.

Jonathan Krause, Vice President (Southeast Asia) & Executive Partner Gartner on his presentation titled “Global Mega Trends: Are You Ready for the Digital Industrial Revolution?” explained how Digital technologies have shifted business, allowing one business, the “tech” player, to compete with other business from different industries. The now-CEOs see digital as a team game and the CIO still has the highest visibility to educate board and executives on what digital business really means. Krause ended his presentation as he encouraged businesses to embrace the digitalization and begin the four approaches: saving time by deciding the best strategies, saving money for more cost-effective programs, gaining resources and confidence.

Hitachi Data Systems
Suresh Nair, Managing Director Hitachi Data System (HDS Indonesia) during his remarks “Enabling Digital Transformation” said that digital transformation can be enabled through an integration of IT and business under a single, aligned set of business outcomes. Hitachi as one of world-leading IT brands is present to help organizations by providing software-based infrastructure and data analytics solutions that provide the agitlity and flexibility to accelerate innovation and business performance as well as simplify mobile work process in this digital era. Nair also introduced the Social Innovation as Hitachi’s vision to support digital transformation that integrates IoT and Data Analystics to enable healthier, safer and smarter societies.

Mark Plus, Inc.
On his presentation “Years of Living Digitally: Style, and Human to Human”, Jacky Mussry, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Markplus, Inc. encouraged marketers how to live digitally by prioritizing technology without abandoning human interaction. Mussry said marketers should balance the essence of Online-Offline, Style-Substance, and M2M-H2H elements. In terms of marketing forms, online marketing will not replace offline marketing. The offline will create an online relationship more intimate. In attracting smarter customers, marketers need style. However, being stylish is defenseless without substance. Machine-to-machine technology (M2M) will generate effectiveness and efficiency. In fact, customers need more than the superiority of technology; they need engagement which is provided by human-to-human (H2H) interaction.

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